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Dear Self Employed Workers:

I built this website to make those entering the gig economy realize that there are a lot of taxes that have to be paid once you enter this space. As someone who has worked contract jobs, I know how tempting it is to feel like you only have to pay your federal and state tax and nothing else. But the ever-looming IRS also demands that we pay self employment tax, and the IRS wants us to pay our taxes every quarter to ensure that we don't spend all of it.

Here's a little bit about me: I am a J.D. Candidate in 2022, an Online Editor of the New England Law Review, and a Legal Assistant at Cervantes Law .

I hope to continue to improve this website to cater more directly to gig workers as time progresses. I know it's tough working these jobs right now. Keep up the noble work.


Raji Ayinla