Dear Self Employed Workers:

I built this website to bring awareness those entering the gig economy. As someone who has worked contract jobs, I know how tempting it is to feel like you only have to pay your federal and state tax and nothing else. But the ever-looming IRS also demands that we pay self employment tax, and the IRS wants us to pay our taxes every quarter to ensure that we don't spend all of it.

Here's a little bit about me. I earned my J.D. at New England Law | Boston, graduating with dual certificates: a Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management and a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law. I was also the former Online Editor of the New England Law Review. I was fortunate to earn first place in the 2021 Boston Patent Law Association Writing Competition for the best student article related to intellectual property law that (1) contributes to the knowledge respecting intellectual property law; and (2) displays original and creative thought or information not previously published or available. In recognition of my acheivement, the faculty at New England Law | Boston awarded me the Outstanding Scholastic Acheivement Award, given to only four students in a graduating class of 245.

Aside from winning awards, I worked in various legal roles during my time in law school, namely as a legal intern at the Massachusetts Office of Senate Counsel where I researched and drafted reports on the viability of highly relevant policies and legislation.

I've leveraged my impeccable research abilities to provide up-to-date information regarding taxes for the self-employed.

I hope to continue to improve this website to cater more directly to gig workers as time progresses. I know it's tough working these jobs right now. Keep up the noble work.


Raji Ayinla, J.D.